I passed the RCA MRCGP in the first cohort. I have now delivered the first and only RCA book and my courses to ST3s, trainers and programme directors on a one-to-one and entire scheme basis.


"These tips are easy to read and easy to practise" - GPST3

"Really grateful to Dr Sami for writing this book" - Dr Latif, GPST3

"Very good and focussed" - GPST3

Really helpful practical tips on how to set up and record" - GPST3

"Concise, clear and helpful" - GPST3

"Very helpful and timely" -  GPST3

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This Is What They're Saying

"I am an ST3 currently still in hospital rotation because of COVID, facing the prospect of doing the RCA later this year. Despite this, I feel more confident in hitting the ground running and recording quality consultations as soon as I start work in GP. I feel reassured from the way you have delivered the presentation and forwarded relevant information by email, that you have a deep understanding of the requirements needed to pass RCA"

Dr Ujjwal Aggarwal, GPST3 in Guildford VTS

"Dr. Sami provided a great tutorial with practical tips based on his previous relevant experience. I now feel prepared to tackle the RCA with a more organised and efficient approach, utilising the insights I have gained."

Dr Lucia Magee, academic GPST3 in St. George's, South-West London

"It was very useful to hear directly from a GP trainee that has recently sat the new RCA exam (sic and passed) when at the moment there is little information available. It was particularly interesting in terms of the practicalities involved in doing the recordings and the difficulties he faced with this. The presentation was clear and he provided a useful list of tips for making the recordings for the RCA exam and cases that could make good recordings to submit"

GPST3, Guildford VTS

"Very useful practical tips on the recordings and types of cases"

GPST3, Basildon VTS

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