• Dr T. Sami

Case Guidelines (Taken from Chapter 2 of the NEW A Concise Guide Text)

Updated: Feb 2

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There are now six mandatory case selections (which were not there prior):

1. One case involving a child aged 16 years or younger

2. Minimum of one older adult above 65

3. Essential clinical areas with one involving each of an acute problem that needs urgent referral, maternal / reproductive health, mental health and a long-term condition

4. A minimum of two cases requiring clinical examination or an explanation of it

5. No more than two cases where the focus of the consultation lies in one topic

6. Varying spread of clinical cases and challenging consultations

Clinical topic guidelines include:

- Allergy and immunology

- Cardiovascular health

- Dermatology


- Eyes and vision

- Gastroenterology

- Genomic medicine

- Obstetrics & gynaecology

- Haematology

- Infectious disease and travel health

- Renal and urology

- Mental health

- Metabolic problems and endocrinology

- Musculoskeletal health

- Neuro-developmental disorders

- Population health

- Respiratory health

- Sexual health

- Smoking alcohol and substance misuse

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