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The ONLY resource for the RCA

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

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I saw the urgent need to generate a resource for the RCA. This is a new exam. How can we process that? Our trainers have as much information as us.

These are all the things we wished we knew before submitting. These clinical and practical tips approach every aspect of the RCA. It will make your exam process so much easier, stress-free and more likely to pass.

This is the only book directed to passing the RCA exam. It provides practical hands-on tips that have been approved from trainee to trainer alike.

This book provides a comprehensive list of tips and skills to pass the Remote Consultation Assessment for the MRCGP. It has been compiled after my RCA experience, months of teaching and extensive discussions with trainers and programme directors.

This book is based on the course delivered from It has been delivered on a 1-to-1 basis and entire various training schemes to:

- GP trainers

- GP ST3s / GP Registrars

- Programme Directors

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