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You MUST Read This About Consent (Taken From Chapter 6 Of How To Pass The RCA

Updated: Feb 2

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Believe it or not the medicine was not what most of our cohort worried about. It was consent. I urge a quick read the RCGP guidelines on this[1]. There is also a proforma consent form on the RCGP website too (Royal College Of General Practitioners, 2020).

I would suggest you gain consent at the beginning if you are not recording through 14 Fish, at the end and a screenshot of a text message. This way you are absolutely covered. Some verbal consent at the beginning maybe offer although it needs to be recorded:

Hello. It’s Dr Sami. Thanks for letting us record for assessment purposes. Could I just check your name? And your date of birth? Great; let me know how I can help?

[1] See points 2.4 – 2.16 from MRCGP Examination Recorded Consultation Assessment Policy (Royal College Of General Practitioners, 2020)

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